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This is an English Speaking clip, to train you as the best servant. Don't miss your chance to serve the most exquisite French Lady !

I’m Lady Jeanne. Not pleased to meet you. So, you’ve applied to be my new servant ? My previous servant was fired yesterday, you’re lucky there’s a gap to fill. Firstly, you should know i am very hard to please. I never tolerate the slightest mistake. You will do your very best to please me, and that won’t be enough. I don’t want the best, i want the excellence. Serving a Lady like me is the chance of your life. Don’t ruin it.

Of course, you should get used to my French accent. You are very lucky i speak your language. So do your best to understand me perfectly. I won’t tolerate any mistake from you. I will punish you at the first mistake. Believe me, you don’t want to feel my whip or to get spanked…
Those punishments will break your mind and will make you a better servant.

In France, i am very influent. I am well known for training men to be the best servants. Submit now or be banned forever from this country !

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